Beautiful Karamursel



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Reply Gary Knighton
6:31 PM on October 18, 2020 
I was not at Karamursel, but two of my Keesler MIO classmates went there after our graduation: James B. Gulledge and Merle "Punk" Frank. We had several men come in to our station at the 6987th from Karamursel and they became some of the best operators we had. I am still in touch with several of them after all these years. Interestingly, my son married a girl who was born in Karamursel to a USAFSS man and his wife who was there in the early 1970's. His name is Marlin Farmer. I didn't know him in USAFSS as I separated from USAF in 1964. Quite a surprise to have a family member marry the child of another USAFSS vet.
Reply kcdi
12:41 PM on May 25, 2020 
Gary Hect

In Karamursel from 1971-1974, Able Flight. My wife, Kris, two kids and me lived in Karamursel, first road toward the sea, in newly built apartment building, three floors with 6 units. We lived in the first floor in the back. Single guys from. the flight rented a house across the street from the see, about half way to downtown. Had a blast going there with our group of friends. Many excellent memories (what I have left). THANK YOU for sharing this site and photos. Greatly appreciated.

Gary Hect
[email protected]
Reply anonymous
2:51 PM on October 9, 2019 
What a great and rewarding return to Karamursel for me. Even though I was a "locker-slammer" and a sailor to boot, I couldn't have enjoyed the experience more. You have done a great job, not just for us old folks but your work in spreadng the Word.
I used to drive a Navy truck down to the submarine base at Golcuk to pickup supplies for our in-barracks "geedunk". On the way I passed the turnoff to Iznik.
Didn't realize until just a few years ago that Iznik was orginally Nicea, as in the Nicene Creed !!
I wish I had known it then as I would have made a small detour and adjusted the mileage on the truck's speedometer later.
Again, thank you so much for a wonderful review of old Mudsite.
John Haase, USN CT2. (We always tried to "scoop" you guys.
Reply John "Hoss" Haase
2:24 PM on October 8, 2019 
I was at Karamursel from July 1960 until February 1962. Ok Ok I was in the Navy.
Years later a neighbor of mine named Ralph Jobson and I worked together at "the Agency".
In fact, his daughter married my son and they now live near us here in West Melbourne, FL
I'll never forget my daze at Mainsite. Can't make those memories up. Thanks for all you do with this site.
Reply Scott Martin
7:47 AM on August 19, 2019 
Good Morning,
I was searching for a schematic for a Knight Kit KG-854 stereo amplifier. I still have the one I built as a kid in 66 or 67. In the process of rebuilding it. Close to functioning, but need a good schematic and maybe manual to get it working again.... If you still have it, would you be able to send the files or mail me a copy?
Scott Martin
P. C. Supplies, Inc.
1003 S. Chapel St. Suite A
Newark, DE 19702
[email protected]
302-379-5880 cell
Reply kcdi
10:21 AM on June 14, 2018 
Thanks Chuck for the heads up on the Karamursel Today Page. After doing some research I found that you are correct. Karamursel was not a British landing strip in WW1 - Turkey was fighting against Britain. Also checking up on known Luftwaffe airfields, Karamursel is not mentioned. Turkeys position in WW2 was to stay neutral.
Good Job and many thanks!
Reply charles g maki
7:29 PM on June 2, 2018 
from where did you find that the air base near Karamursel was a British landing strip in ww1, and German in ww2.
thanks,chuck maki
Reply Mike Holland
6:09 PM on June 1, 2018 
When I first set up the page, I google searched several sites that had history information on KCDI. I can't remember the link location. As I have time, I'll search and see if I can find it again. Thank you for looking at the website.

Reply charles g maki
4:07 PM on May 30, 2018 
hello. where did you guys find to info that the British had a ww1 airbase near Karamursel and the Luftwaffe was there in WW2?
Reply Robert D. "Danny" Ricketts
2:42 PM on July 22, 2017 
I arrived at Karamursel Air Station on Dec. 22, 1961 and left June 14, 1963. I took my wife Nancye back in June 1993, 30 years to the month. We took the short ferry somewhere between the base and Yalova. In the early 60s, the ferry landing was in o since there was no Bosphorus bridge. There were only a few small houses along the narrow dirt road to the ferry. It is amazing how many houses and apartment buildings there are now. About midway there was the ruins of an old Byzantine church like structure and marble columns in the water which was called the "Sunken City. I bought a handful of Byzantine coins from a nearby farmer. The peninsular where the base was located was the site of the ancient city of Drepana, which was renamed Helenopolis by Constantine the Great in the fourth century in honor of his mother Helen who was born there The emperor Justinian built public baths and an aqueduct in the sixth century. I wish I had know that when I was there.