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The “pearl of great price”, Jesus spoke the following words in Matthew 13:


45  "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.

46  When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.


Imagine for a minute! Most of us are so busy running about to and fro that we don’t realize what we are missing as we go running by.  We pass by the churches.  We pass by the Bible on the table without picking it up and reading it.  We know that there only seems to be too realities that will touch everyone at sometime in their lives – death and taxes.


Our God, who is our creator, loves us and loves His creation.  Yet His creation seems to stubbornly ignore His instructions.  We need to slow down, and pull our minds from distractions, and focus on our creator God.  It is our decisions that tune us to what his good purposes for our lives should be.  Our lives hinge on our words and actions.  God put His physical and spiritual laws into effect in His universe.  Those who follow His will receive His blessings and rewards.  Those who reject His will receive penalties and judgment.


The pearl of great price is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  God puts a very high value on faith.

Hebrews 11:6 states: And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.


In Romans Chapter 3, Paul sent his instructions to the church there in a letter that he had written in Corinth.  Paul wanted to share the good news of this gospel clearly and completely.  Rome was the hub of the known world at that time, remember the statement, “all roads lead to Rome.”  He wrote in Romans 3:


20  Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of sin.

21  But now a righteousness from God, apart from law, has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify.

22  This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference,

23  for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

24  and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

25  God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood. He did this to demonstrate his justice, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished--

26  he did it to demonstrate his justice at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.


Paul’s words here give insight into how we attain a right relationship with God.  God’s righteousness is available to all who believe (Rom. 3:22).  That righteousness is achieved by God’s grace, through God’s redemption of us in Jesus Christ (Rom. 3:24).  God initiated that redemption by offering Jesus as an atoning sacrifice for our sin (Rom. 3:25), which demonstrated that God was righteous in the way He has dealt with sin (Rom 3:25-26).


Paul established that God was the God of the Jews and the Gentiles, as such, He would justify them both through faith.  Since there is no distinction between the two groups, either in sin or in access to God’s righteousness, no one has a ground for boasting. We are all sinners justified by faith.  Paul next raised the questions as to whether faith nullified the law.  His answer was a definitive “no”.  Paul had affirmed that there was an advantage both to being a Jew and circumcision (Rom. 3:1-2), just not as a means to justification.


Paul concluded this section by using Abraham as an example of justification by faith.  Because Abraham was not justified by works, he had no grounds to boast.  A person considers wages as something earned and, therefore, something that they deserve.  However, Abraham believed, and God graciously counted his faith as righteousness (Rom. 4:1-8).  Both circumcision and the law come after the promise and after Abraham’s faith.  While Abraham waited for an heir, he continued to believe that God would grant him a great nation.  Paul ended this section with a reminder that faith is also counted as righteousness for those who believe (Rom. 4:28).


What then must we do?  Repent (Matt. 4:17) and believe (Acts 16:31)!  The most important decision for you and your family that affects eternity rests in what a person believes and does concerning God’s Son Jesus Christ.


God promises that He will adopt us into His family of believers.  Also, Jesus gives us the indwelling Holy Spirit that will never leave or forsake us.  We become a new person with a new mind, because now our conscience is influenced by the indwelling Holy Sprit that affects our actions and decisions.


Jesus Christ obediently went to the cross to suffer and die as a believer’s sacrifice for sin.  Then on the 3rd day, He arose to life showing His power over sin and death.


What have you done with Jesus Christ?  If you believe in Him, have you shared your faith with your family and those around you?  How important is their place in eternity to you?


A simple decision will effect your ETERNITY and theirs!