Beautiful Karamursel


Hope and Encouragement 1

As we advance in age we learn from experience the sorrows, depression, and problems that reach out and touch us.  With proper understanding our character gains comfort, compassion, and strength.  Below are several of the best teachings that we have had the pleasure of listening to over the years.  In them we clearly see and grasp the unconditional love of God for us.  These give us hope and a desire to get closer to God rather than distance ourselves from Him.  These sermons will bless your soul.  You will not be the same after listening to them!
Jesus Christ, our intimate friend - Part 1          Jesus Christ, our intimate friend - Part 2
Most people don't realize that our purpose is to have fellowship with the supreme being who created us.

How to trust when you are troubled

Our perspective of problems and suffering can make the difference.

Lessons from a Sheep Dog - Part 1            Lessons from a Sheep Dog - Part 2

An Australian Shepperd is taught lessons about God while tending and herding his sheep.

The Miracle of Salvation

There is a change!