Beautiful Karamursel


Hope and Encouragement 2

As we advance in age we learn from experience the sorrows, depression, and problems that reach out and touch us.  With proper understanding we strengthen our character and gain comfort, compassion, and strength.  Below are several of the best teachings that I have had the pleasure of listening to over the years.  In them we clearly see and grasp the unconditional love of God for us.  These give us hope and a desire to get closer to God rather than distance ourselves from him.  These sermons will bless your soul.  You will not be the same after listening to them!

Casting your cares on Him - Part 1          Casting your cares on Him - Part 2
What do we choose to miss - or receive?

Oh how Christ the Son of God loves us!
Yes he does!

 The Blood of Jesus Christ               

 Jesus paid the price for our sins in full.  All we can add to his payment is faith in Him.

 When troubles won't go away

 Perseverance under pressure.

Where we go when we die!
Compassion, Grace, and Strength are given to us as we need it.