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London Part 1

Petula Clark - Two Rivers                                                     Petula Clark - Downtown


 London! Just imagine the flood of thoughts and images that come to mind with mention of that name.  Big Bend, Parliament, the Battle of Britain, Spitfire Fighters, Admiral Nelson, the British monarchy and London Bridge.  Some of our generation?s first concepts of London (baby boomers) were tied to music.  Back in 1964 a young lady with a powerful voice jumped quickly to the top of the pop charts.   Remember Petula Clark.  Everyone had a crush on her.


England is rich in History, and so much of it centered around London.  Never as an eleven year old did I imagine the opportunities to travel that would come later while in the military.  Granddad and I would look over the National Geographic Magazines and imagine what it would be like to go there.  It was thrilling to actually be in London finally, to visit Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, and the Tower of London with all the crown jewels.  As Beth and I would walk into the stores and shop, Petula Clark's songs would be rolling through my mind.  Above are two of her songs; click above and see if you remember them.


 The Spitfire Fighter of WWII

Beth and I made this trip is the fall of 1975, as time allows we will add to this.


Beth looking over a stream that had ducks and geese in it.  We were on our way to the Palace of Whitehall.

The architecture around the government buildings is just beautiful.  

Buckingham Palace


  Guards at Buckingham Palace



Drummers participating in a Palace Ceremony


The Horse Guards at Whitehall Palace


Entrance to Whitehall


Whitehall Palace

Horse Guards at Whitehall


The Thames River


Big Bend.  For us Big Bend was the land mark reference point for all the other places that we visited.  As we walked through a lot of the older parts of the city by the river, if you looked up; there it would be.   So many places that we visited would be near the River and not too far from Big Bend.



 The side court yard of Westminster Abby.  Inside were buried many famous people.



 What fun it would be to be here at Westminster Abby around Christmas with the choir singing Handel's Messiah.


On the way to the British Museum.  Beth is on the right with Big Bend Towering up to the left of her.. 


 The British Museum.  Their were so many artifacts from history here.  In the 17 and 18 hundreds the British went around the ancient civilizations collecting and buying some of the best of the ancient worlds treasures.  This place is astounding.