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Radio 1962


Think back! Can you remember am radio from 1962? How old were we?  What were we doing?  What were we playing with?  What were our hobbies and interest?

As we get older I spend more time thinking back about younger days.  Being born in 49, the 50's were quite a different era.  No air conditioning, at least for my family at that time.  In town up and down the streets the neighbors would be out visiting in the evenings; it was the coolest place to be.  One night we would be in one yard, another night we would be in someone else s yard. Just before nightfall the mosquitoes would be merciless, but back then we didn't seem to mind that much.  We just tried to ignore their feast on us and carry on.



Then when we would go inside the house after dark would be the Black and White TV.  Can you remember what was on TV.  Gunsmoke with Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty, Chester, and Doc.  Have Gun Will Travel with Paladin. Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, Sky King, and Rin Tin Tin.

In 1962 I turned 13, then officially a teenager . What a wonderful time to be alive.  Our generation has probably seen more changes in a short period of time than any other.  Now with the advent of the computer knowledge is advancing so fast that the curve is now heading almost strait up.  But one of the most striking developments has been radio.  Do you remember the 6 transistor pocket radios that everyone carried around in that era.  I can remember laying in the bed at night, listening to mine; carefully positioning it to get the best reception.  They were the Ipods of the 50's and 60's.  The big stations at that time were KLIF in Dallas, WNO in Chicago, and 720 in Shreveport.Transistors were relatively new, I believe the first transistor radios showed up in GM cars in 1965.  Some of the new generation do not know what a vacuum tube is.

Music has really defined our era.  Each generation thinks their music is the best.  Today we get to listen to the music from all the eras, a great time to be alive.  In the early 60's Elvis Presley was in his peak; his movie career had taken off and rocketed strait up.  No one person seems to personify the early60's better than Elvis.

Some of the best music came from KLIF Radio in Dallas.  Russ " the Weird Beard" Knight was the DJ; almost everything that he said rhymed.  He gave pzazz to jingles and commercials and no one could introduce and lead into a song as he would.

To hear some great music click on the links below to listen to wonderful AM radio from 1962.  Can you almost imagine what pop songs were playing at that time.