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Ron Wyatt - the real Indiana Jones

There is a tradition in the Middle East that goes as follows:

“Don’t tell me what you know, please tell me of where you have been and what you have seen!”

Beth and I have been blessed to go to many places and see wonderful things. What a blessing to have been in the Air Force serving our country, visiting so many ancient sites, some that were mentioned in the Bible.

Ron Wyatt was the real “Indiana Jones”. The movie character, played by Harrison Ford who dressed like Ron, was a spin-off of him. Ron spent the latter years of his life searching for Biblical artifacts in and around Israel and the Middle East. Many people have made claims to have found or discovered Holy items or locations mentioned in scripture. Ron’s episodes are unique and stand out from orthodox or traditional locations.

Ron worked as a nurse anesthetist in a hospital in Madison, Tennessee. In 1960, he saw a picture in Life Magazine of a site in Turkey that was believed to be a possible site of the location of Noah’s Ark. He began to pray to God to help him to find evidence of Biblical artifacts and locations. His purpose for this was to show evidence that our creator God of the Bible is real and can be believed and trusted. He made over one hundred trips to the Middle east from 1977 to 1999 to broaden our present knowledge of Biblical archeology.

His work has been attacked repeatedly by professional archaeologists and some biblical scholars. They contend that his statements are so sensational that they must be dismissed as false. However, looking into his life’s work, gives a ring of truth and authenticity that cannot be ignored.

The discoveries of Ron Wyatt “just don’t fit in” with “traditional thinking” and when you go against “tradition” you are asking for trouble. Ron knew that and was willing to take the criticism.

Richard Rives, his good friend, made the following statement about him.

“Many damaging things have been said about Ron, which, through first hand knowledge, I know to be totally false. Authors have spent pages trying to disprove his findings, and speakers without any evidence of their own go to great lengths to discredit him. Most of these people have never taken the time to check out the things they are talking about! Ron's response "Well bless their heart. If I hadn't seen these things for myself I would be a skeptic too."

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