Beautiful Karamursel


The Will of God

Down through the years I and many others have wondered just what is the Will of God for our Lives, for this year, and for this day.  We are bombarded in our modern culture with all kinds of information.  It is kind of like looking for a station on a radio or TV with a remote.  As we seek the station, their are all kinds of distractions that pop up before we get to what we are seeking.  We must be persistent and follow thru to our goal or we will will stop short and settle for something other than what is intended.

 We will not look earnestly for the Will of God unless we are confident of His love and compassion for us.  We must understand that His Will and Purpose are many times different than our own, but His are BEST!  We many times cannot see the issues of life from His perspective, we do not know all the facts.  The God that has the knowledge and power to speak the Universe into existence, His mind is way above our comprehension level.

Below are two links to messages by Erwin Lutzer that cover these wonderfully.  Please listen below if you are serious about finding the Will of God for your life.

Part 1 - The Will of God for your life. - Click Here

Part 2 - Just Let God Lead - Click Here