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Two Pilots meet Jesus Christ


    B-17 Flying Fortress                                                  P-38 Lighting

Advancing in age, so many more times does my mind go back to early memories.  In the early 50's, I remember visiting the homes of my playmates who had older brothers.  Sitting on the shelves, hanging from the ceilings, would be model airplanes that they had built and painted.  There were B-17 Bombers, P-38 Lightening Fighters, and various others from the WWII era.


  F-86 Sabre Jet                                              F-100 Super Sabre

Remember right after the war and in the early 50's; these were the beginnings of the Jet age.  Hanging from their ceilings were examples of many of these.  Just like all young kids I had dreams of flying.  I can still see those plastic models of planes hanging from the ceiling in my mind .  With a few birthdays going by, I learned that some times the older boys would sell some of the planes they had built.  Then with a few more birthdays, I began to build them myself.  As I got older I bought a Cox P-40 flying tiger that flew on the end of hand held line while you went round and round in circles.  It is probably a good thing that I am not an actual pilot because I crashed that thing many a time and would have to get out the glue often to repair it.  In the fifties my favorite fighter was an F-100 Super Sabre Fighter Jet.  The only actual one that I was ever close to was at a SAC base in Incerlik Turkey.  The Turks used them also in the early seventies.


  P-40 Flying Tiger                                                   F-105 Thunder Chiefs over Mt. Fuji

Good books are a pleasure.  If you are interested in flying, here are four of the best!




Takeoff - the story of America's first woman pilot for a Major Airline

Born to Fly - the heroic story of the downed American  reconnaissance aircraft rammed by a Chinese fighter jet

Prodigal Father -  A fighter pilot finds peace in the wake of his destruction

Into the Glory - The miracle-filled story of the Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JARS) - taking Wycliffe Bible translators to the earth's remotest regions

 A good story teller is a joy.  Someone who can accurately paint the picture of their life of adventure; it's wonderful!  It reminds me of slowly eating great food and not wanting it to end.  Here are 2 of those jewels. Both of these men tell of their encounter with Jesus Christ.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy!  Click on the arrow in the lower left of the MP3 players to start the sound.

 In the first one, test pilot Russell O'Quinn takes you on an exhilarating ride through his life. Here is a test pilot who even in his seventies flies very agile light attack jet fighters testing out new weapons systems.

Part 1  Russell O'Quinn                    Part 2  Russell O'Quinn

 In the second one, Heath Bottomly tells of his life from boyhood to jet pilot. From WWII to Vietnam era fighters, he tells of his quest to become an Air Force General.

Part 1 Heath Bottomly                      Part 2  Heath Bottomly